Recommended USA Binary Options Brokers who support automated trading software

Recommended USA Binary Options Brokers who support automated trading software

Not all of the binary options brokers; whether recommended or not, are happy to support automated trading software. If this is an important part of your trading requirements then you will need to locate a good quality robot as well as a broker which has a good reputation and will work with your selected robot. This challenge makes it more complicated but not impossible to find the right broker for your needs.

One of the first questions you may ask is why you need a broker if you are looking at using an automated trading site. This is a good question and the answer relies on you viewing the automated software as what it is; a tool to assist in your binary trading. The robot monitors the markets and calculates the possibility of a pattern or trend occurring. It will then trade using your broker account; it is not a trading software in its own right. The best way to locate a good robot is through looking at reviews and confirming which ones are supported by your chosen broker.

Reputable Binary Options Brokers Who Accept USA Customers

Of course, to choose a robot you need to have located a good broker. The best place to start is by looking at the recommended binary options brokers and seeing if they list the robot you are considering using. The same can also be completed in reverse. If you have a specific robot you wish to use then your choice of brokers will be limited to those which the robot supports; this may make the decision easier.


One of the best places to start your quest is by looking at the variety of reviews. These can be by independent sites and by traders already using or who have sampled specific systems. You can then analyze the deposit required, the asset range, payment method and customer support options.


Once you have chosen a broker from the robots options you will be able to create an account and deposit funds with the broker. This is essential before the robot can start to trade. You should also be mindful if there are any charges associated with the robot as you may wish to adjust your initial deposit accordingly. It is normally possible to connect to the broker and create your account directly from the robot’s site.

It is worth noting that most brokers insist on you have a separate account to use an auto trading features may mean you have two binary trading accounts with one broker.

Accessing Funds

Your funds can be accessed through your broker in the same way as you would access any other funds from your standard trading account. The same methods, time scales and costs will apply.

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