Qtum Cryptocurrency Review – the UTXO version

Qtum Cryptocurrency Review – the UTXO version

Since Qtum uses the UTXO version, it’s also capable to encourage Bitcoin’s Simple Payment Verification (SPV) protocols. SPV allows a wallet to establish That a transaction has been included in a confirmed block without having To examine its contents. Because a block can hold thousands of Trades, SPV significantly increases up trade verification. Therefore, the protocol enables smartphones to run lite wallets that can Efficiently and securely send and receive payments.

QTUM is a blockchain which joins a changed Bitcoin Core infrastructure using an intercompatible version of this Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). QTUM considers this mixture chooses the best out of both worlds, also supplies Enterprises having the capacity to come up with decentralised programs which possess the equilibrium of Bitcoin, together with all the use-case flexibility of Smart Contracts.


Qtum’s aim is to Offer a platform which does not only provide a Trade of worth but gives also an chance for organizations to utilize blockchain technologies in their own businesses. Qtum has a strong team behind the job. They’ve a strong experience in programming, developing and marketing. I believe the job has great potential.

QTUM is staffed with a big team with impressive work backgrounds. Predominantly Chinese in background, it may be inferred that QTUM is trying to control the blockchain as a service marketplace in Asia.

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