EOS Cryptocurrency Review – a smart contract hosting platform

EOS Cryptocurrency Review – a smart contract hosting platform

EOS.io aims to create the world’s most powerful infrastructure for decentralized applications. EOS is made up of a team of 35 people with an extensive background in business, finance cryptography, and blockchain technology.

EOS is a blockchain technology platform that revolves around the use of EOS tokens. EOS tokens were launched this past summer after a successful ICO.

EOS is similar to Ethereum. Like Ethereum, EOS is a smart contract hosting platform designed for open source projects and consumer-facing decentralized apps (DApps). The goal of EOS, at launch, was to take market share from Ethereum while promising a more scalable blockchain with better usability for large-scale businesses.


EOS is set to be a significant competitor to the current leading blockchains. Its scalability, user friendliness, transactional throughput and low-cost maintenance makes it superior to all existing blockchains.

The most important parts of the EOS.IO software are its scalability, flexibility, and usability. In terms of scalability, the infrastructure supports thousands of DApps on the commercial scale, all with parallel execution and asynchronous communication. It also separates execution and authentication. To maximize flexibility, EOS.IO can freeze and then fix broken applications and has generalized role-based permissions. There is also web assembly.

Anyone with an account needs to have EOS tokens to interact and fully use their account. Developers also need the tokens to make sure their decentralized applications are operational. The interesting part of this is that you do not use EOS tokens when you take advantage of the server’s resources; you just have to hold them. Instead, the amount of resources you have access to, such as storage capacity, computation, and bandwidth, is proportional to your EOS tokens staked on an application.

EOS has all the attributes of a great project and the potential to rise to one of the top 3 blockchains in the world. The lessons brought forward from previous projects are a huge advantage over most blockchain projects.

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